Jim Broad BA(Hons)

Jim is an artist based in Warwickshire UK, focusing on figurative and figurative based abstract work. Mainly nude studies done from life sessions around the UK. Jim recently has been applying his traditional taught life drawing techniques to modern mediums, such as digital art. He's shown his work publicly, displaying in galleries in Leamington Spa, Birmingham and Oxford.

This online store is place to purchase nude art prints and life studies direct from the artist.  

"My work often starts with traditional life drawing sessions either at home or at workshops in pencil/charcoal. I’ll then often develop my work digitally, normally on my phone, which allows for fast conceptual work, wherever I happen to be. From these ideas I head back to traditional methods.

I used to work in acrylics, liking the speed of work but have changed to oils recently. Oils have since become my staple, the slow drying nature allowing me to work on details over consecutive nights"

Jim's style often sees an exaggerated play on light to create abstracted forms and deep smokey charcoal studies.